Accuracy Communication Barriers

Accuracy is how accurate documents are at explaining the information they include.

For example is you were working for Samsung and were given an instruction booklet on how to operate a new mobile phone prototype. Your job is to test the prototype for Samsung. However, if the instruction booklet wasn’t accurate it would cause a barrier to communication. By this I mean if the instructions told you to press the delete button to send a message on the phone and not the send button, this wouldn’t be accurate. This would cause you to delete your message instead of sending it. If you were then to instruct someone how to use the phone using the same instructions you would be miss informing then without knowing, therefore, causing a barrier to communication .

To overcome this communication barrier Samsung could ensure that all of their instruction booklets are proofread and checked before supplying them to other people to use. This would ensure effective and clear communication when using the instruction booklets.

Another example could be an inaccurate email user guide. If the guide was inaccurate the users of the guide would end up sending their emails to the wrong people or even not being able to send emails at all. This will cause a barrier to communication as the people the emails were intended for would never receive the information included on the email. This is why accuracy is so important and if not achieved can cause major problems and communication barriers.


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