Hardware Barriers to Communication

A problem with hardware is when an electronic device doesn’t function in the way it is supposed to. For example a computer may not allow you to load up a specific program. These hardware problems can act as communication barriers.

For example, if a member of staff needed to send an email containing important information to a colleague and the computer they were using wouldn’t let them open their emails, this would be a barrier to communication. This is because the hardware they are using (computer) is preventing them from communicating with their colleague via email. To overcome this barrier the member of staff could move to another computer or seek technical assistance from the IT technician. The business could also overcome this barrier by ensuring that all their computers are functioning properly by performing weekly checks on all the computers.

Another hardware problem that can act as a communication barrier is a problem with your microphone during a video conference. For example, if the manager of Amazon was trying to have a video conference with one of his suppliers from abroad and his microphone wasn’t working, his supplier would not be able to hear what he was saying. This would obstruct effective communication. To overcome this communication barrier the manager could either get someone to try and fix the microphone or acquire a new one. This would ensure that both individuals could hear each other clearly and restore effective communication once again.


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