Environmental Barriers to Communication

Environmental barriers to communication are anything that hinders or prevents effective communication within the environment around you. This could be a number of things including noise and time. Noise can be a communication barrier as if you are trying to have a conversation with someone in a noisy environment such as a building site; the other person may not be able to hear you over the noise produced by the construction work. This would prevent clear and effective communication and might cause you to miss vital information.

The individuals could overcome this communication barrier by moving to a quieter location to continue their conversation. This would allow them to hear each other clearly and ensure that all the information being discussed in heard by each person. Therefore, resolving the problem and allowing effective communication.

Time can also be an environmental barrier to communication. For example, if an employee from BT was to send an email to a foreign country. There would be a time delay between them sending the email and the other person receiving it. This delay would be increased by the amount of distance from the person they are sending the email to and themselves. If the person the employee was sending the email to needed the information on the email for a meeting in an hour, the email might not reach him or her in time because of the time delay. To resolve this problem the business could train their employees to send emails and faxes in advance. This way the email or fax would have enough time to reach the person in time for whatever they needed it for.


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